Parks & Facilities

Administrative Office - Quincy Park District

Administrative Office

Since June 2013, the Quincy Park District Administrative Office resides in the newly renovated 10,000 sq. ft. building at 1231…

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All America Park - Quincy Park District

All America

All America Park is located on 17 acres on the banks of Quincy Bay, at Front & Cedar Streets. All…

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Art Keller Marina - Quincy Park District

Art Keller Marina

Art Keller Marina is a 250 slip full-service marina features: 202 Covered slip rental 48 Uncovered slip rental Electricity/city water…

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Outdoor seating area near the Quincy Park District batting cages overlooking a pond.

Batting Cage Area

The Batting Cage area features hitting cages, mini golf, kayaks, paddleboats, concessions, disc golf, pickleball courts and a multi-purpose court.…

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Riverview Park - Quincy Park District

Ben Bumbry Riverview

Ben Bumbry Riverview Park is located on 23 acres at 2nd & Chestnut Streets. This is one of three continuous parks…

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Berrian - Quincy Park District


Berrian Park is located on 12 acres at 14th & Chestnut. This park features an outdoor basketball court, four Pickleball…

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Bill Klingner Trail - Quincy Park District

Bill Klingner Trail

The Bill Klingner Trail is an asphalt-covered trail located near Bob Mays Park 2533 N 18th St. The trail stretches between Parker…

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Bob Bangert Park - Quincy Park District

Bob Bangert

Bob Bangert Park is located on 26 acres on the North Bottom Road near the Mississippi River. It has a shelter…

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Bob Mays - Quincy Park District

Bob Mays

Bob Mays was dedicated in 1996 and a shelter house, restroom, playground, outdoor fitness, and walking path were added in…

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Boehl Memorial Park - Quincy Park District

Boehl Memorial

Boehl Memorial Park consists of 14 acres running along the south end of Bob Mays Park. The park extends from…

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Boots Bush - Quincy Park District

Boots Bush

Boots Bush Park is located on 14 acres at 42nd & Maine Street. The park includes two tournament quality irrigated…

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Clarence "Candy" Greeman Tennis Center - Quincy Park District

Clarence “Candy” Greeman Tennis Center

The tennis center is located in Reservoir Park at 24th and Chestnut and features nine lighted tennis courts, where many city…

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Clat Adams Bicentennial Park - Quincy Park District

Clat Adams Bicentennial

Clat Adams Bicentennial Park is located on three acres at Front & Hampshire Streets at Quincy’s riverfront. Clat Adams features a…

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Deer Park - Quincy Park District


Deer Park is 1.5 acres and is located on five acres on the grounds of the Illinois Veterans Home, near…

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Edgewater Park - Quincy Park District


Edgewater Park is 1.6 acres and is located at Front & York Streets and was renovated in 2005. The park…

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Emerson Park is a 0.42 acre park at 1310 Washington that features a playground.

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REPORTED TRAIL CONDITIONS Gardner Park is located on 38 acres at Third Street just north of Locust. This is one…

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Indian Mounds Park - Quincy Park District

Indian Mounds Pool

Indian Mounds Park is located on 37 acres at 5th & Harrison and is home to Indian Mounds Pool, Quincy’s…

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Indoor playground for children at the Quincy Park District

Indoor Playground

The Indoor Playground is located in the programming space at the Quincy Park District Administrative Offices in Lincoln Park, 1231 Bonansinga Dr., and is available for…

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Johnson Park - Quincy Park District


Johnson Park is located on 4.5 acres at 18th & Harrison. It features an outdoor basketball court, pickleball courts, horseshoe pits,…

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Kesler Park is located on 11 acres on Bonansinga Drive just north of Clat Adams Bicentennial Park on Quincy’s riverfront.…

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Quincy Park District's Lakeside Coffee outdoor seating area at sunset

Lakeside Coffee

Lakeside Coffee is opening the first week of April.  We will have a variety of beverages including flavored cappuccinos, regular…

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Leon Bailey Park - Quincy Park District

Leon Bailey

Leon Bailey Park is located on a half an acre at 7th & Elm, near the Lincoln-Jackson swimming pool.

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Lincoln Park - Quincy Park District

Lincoln Park

Universal Access Playground in the area. Kiwanis Centennial Playground. Lincoln Skate Park Hours: Open every day dawn to dusk Administrative…

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Log Cabin - Quincy Park District

Log Cabin Village

Friends of the Log Cabins is a not-for-profit organization formed in 2007 to restore, preserve and promote the utilization of…

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Women's City Club - Quincy Park District

Lorenzo Bull Park

Lorenzo Bull Park is located on four acres at 15th and Maine in Quincy. The park features the Lorenzo Bull House,…

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Madison Park - Quincy Park District


Madison Park is located on eight acres at 24th & Maine Streets. It has a shelter house with picnic tables, electricity,…

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Moorman Park - Quincy Park District


Moorman Park is located on 80 acres off North 39th Street. Its features include playground equipment added in 2011, baseball/softball…

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Parker Heights - Quincy Park District

Parker Heights

Parker Heights Park is located on 23 acres on North Bottom Road. With the roads now closed to vehicular traffic,…

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Quinsippi Island - Quincy Park District

Quinsippi Island

Quinsippi Island has 130 scenic acres. To get there, go straight through All America Park, located at Front & Cedar…

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Reservoir Park - Quincy Park District


Reservoir Park is located on 11 acres at 24th & Chestnut. It features nine lighted tennis courts, where many city…

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Showmobile - Quincy Park District


Looking for a way to make your performance or event more professional? The Quincy Park District’s showmobile is just what…

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South Park - Quincy Park District


South Park consists of 135 acres located at 12th & Harrison Streets. Features rolling hills, an area to pitch horseshoes, soccer,…

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Sunset Park - Quincy Park District


Sunset Park has 14 acres of natural beauty located at 3rd & Cedar. This park is popular for its scenic…

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The Players Grill

The Players Grill at Westview Golf Course is your next stop after your round is over. Our comfortable grill atmosphere…

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Quincy Art Center - Quincy Park District

The Quincy Art Center

The Quincy Art Center is housed in the former carriage house of the Lorenzo Bull property. The Quincy Art Center…

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Villa Katherine - Quincy Park District

Villa Kathrine Park

The Villa Kathrine is a four-acre park located on Gardner Expressway. It houses Quincy’s Tourist Information Center. Located on a…

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Washington Park - Quincy Park District


Washington Park includes four acres in the heart of Quincy’s downtown business district, located on 5th Street between Maine and…

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Wavering - Quincy Park District


Wavering Park is located on 47 acres in the 1200 block of North 36th Street. This park features a baseball/softball…

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Westview Park is located on 6 acres at 30th & Harrison Streets. Features open fields, a kick back board for soccer…

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