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Rome Frericks Executive Director 217-919-0290
Marcelo Beroiza Marketing Operations Director 217-919-0319
Don Hilgenbrinck Director of Business Services 217-919-0310
Mike Bruns Director of Programs Services 217-919-0313
Matt Higley Director of Parks 217-919-0312
Mary Arp Administrative Assistant 217-919-0314
Lynn Fischer Accounting Systems Admin 217-919-0315
Tyler Laing Recreation Program Manager 217-919-0318
Kyle Jacoby Recreation Program Manager 217-919-0317
Chris Veihl Maintenance Supervisor 217-919-0291
Robin Schild Safety Supervisor 217-919-0316
David Morgan Director of Golf 217-919-0154
Rick Miles Golf Course Superintendent 217-919-0155
Adam Longo  Assistant Director of Golf 217-919-0150
Rich Martin Maintenance Crewleader 217-228-9210
Kevin Ritter Golf Crewleader 217-228-9230
Michael Berter Mechanic 217-228-9210
Ray Gallaher Mechanic 217-228-9210
Anthony Mallory Laborer 217-228-9210
Chad Szarka Laborer 217-228-9212
Michael Gooding Laborer 217-228-9210
Dolton Schaller Laborer 217-228-9212
Shawn Altgilbers Laborer 217-228-9211
Greg Mason Laborer 217-228-9210
Kevin Beers Laborer 217-228-9210