Honor a loved one, commemorate a special or significant event (ie: birth, wedding, anniversary) or simply leave your mark on Quincy's natural beauty. These are all good reasons to participate in Quincy Park District's Heritage Tree Program.

Trees are purchased and planted by the Park District staff in a Quincy park or at Westview Golf Course. Donors may request a general location of the tree.

Included in the $125 fee is the tree, certificate, photograph of the tree and an engraved panel displayed at the Quincy Park District offices, 1231 Bonansinga Dr.

CLICK HERE to download the form, please email the form to info@quincyparkdistrict.com or call (217) 223-7703.

Bur Oak Serviceberry Colorado Spruce
Pin Oak Crabapple Norway Spruce
Swamp White Oak Magnolia White Pine
Bald Cypress Redbud Hemlock
Red Maple Amur Maple
Sugar Maple Dogwood
River Birch Plum
Locust (Thornless)