Notice to all Public Works Contractors

YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that any contractor hired by the Quincy Park District for any public works, as defined in the Prevailing Wage Act, without going through the sealed competitive bidding process is still subject to the Act and must pay all its laborers, workers, and mechanics employed in such public works projects no less than the prevailing rate of wages as determined on an annual basis by the Quincy Park District or the Illinois Department of Labor.

This Notice is given pursuant to 4(a-2) of the Prevailing Wage Act (820 ILCS 130/0.01 et seq.).

Contractors are responsible to check the Illinois Department of Labor website for current prevailing wage rates. For your convenience, you may click here to read more about prevailing wage rates.

Click here for the Quincy Park District Contractor Checklist/Packet

Invitation to Bid