Who We Are

Quincy was ‘green’ long before green was cool — and we have the park system to prove it. Green canopies, open spaces, and outstanding facilities and events have been bringing generations of families and friends together for over a century.

In order to preserve and build on this legacy, in 1996 a group of citizens established the Quincy Park Foundation, Inc., to help the taxpayer-supported Quincy Park District achieve its goals and provide even more opportunities and services.

Over the years, the Quincy Park Foundation, Inc.'s not-for-profit, 501(c)3 status has proven to be a valuable asset, having raised in excess of $500,000 in charitable contributions large and small to promote and improve Quincy’s parks. Today the Foundation continues to be a proud partner of the Park District and the community, committed to improving the quality of life for everyone in Quincy and the surrounding area.

Whether you’ve spent your life in Quincy or are a recent addition to our community, Quincy’s parks have something to offer you every day, stretching from the Mississippi River to Wavering Aquatic Center and beyond. Learn how you can play a part in maintaining and improving our parks now and for generations to come.

Quincy Park Foundation, Inc., Members:

Tim Weis, President


Carlos Fernandez, Vice President  cfernandez@wgem.com
Dave Rakers, Secretary  dave.rakers@firstbankers.com
Jim Grant, Treasurer  jimg827@adams.net
Carrie Bellis  dbellisc@comcast.net
John Frankenhoff  frankenhoff@gmail.com
Jim Mentesti  jimmentesti@gmail.com
Charles Radel  cradle@sbcglobal.net
 Ted Niemann  tniemann@srnm.com
 Chris Blakeman  ctblakeman@comcast.net