Communities across the country are recognizing that land conservation helps build healthy communities and healthy economies. The Quincy Park Foundation, Inc. is aware that public spaces such as parks are assets to our community. In Quincy, parks play a big part towards improving our quality of life. With nearly 1000 acres of parkland and resources ranging from swimming pools to a 27-hole public golf course to basketball courts, baseball fields, and picnic shelters, the Quincy Park District is able to provide a full range of activities and services year-round. Parks can be a symbol of a neighborhood's vitality and character, and with 26 primary parks in the system, there are many star attractions for all Quincy residents to enjoy. The end results are that quality of life is enhanced and property values increase.

While the Quincy Park District’s primary responsibility is the maintenance and upkeep of these valued assets, the Quincy Park Foundation’s goal is to work hand in hand with the Park District  Board in order to ensure that their primary goals are achieved. We do that by coming up with the necessary funding sources to achieve goals that otherwise might have to wait extended periods of time due to limited financial resources and to plan for further additions to the system.

In order to continue providing quality parks, programs, and special events for future generations, your help is needed. With the Foundation’s 501c(3) and not for profit status, donations will ensure these valuable resources and experiences will be available to Quincy residents for many years to come.  Tax-deductible contributions may include land, cash, charitable trusts, stocks or life insurance bequests and may be designated for specific parks or programs or offered unrestricted for areas of greatest need.

Our goals are simple:

  • To provide for parks, nature and open spaces
  • To preserve the beauty and history of our community
  • To support the recreational activities of children, youth, and the general public

Park District programs, parks, and facilities are meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, regardless of ability. The end result is that EVERYONE benefits from the Quincy Park Foundation Inc.’s efforts. 

For more information on supporting the Quincy Park Foundation, Inc., please contact any member of the Quincy Park Foundation Board listed under “Who We Are” or by contacting the Quincy Park District office at 1231 Bonansinga Dr., Quincy, IL. (217) 223-7703.