Outdoor / Nature


Archery Program 

Have you ever wanted to have your kids learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. Well, now you can the Quincy Park District, MVHFA, and Gamemasters have put together an archery program for beginners. Where your child can learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. This will be a very hands on class where your kids will spend most of there time practicing archery.

This program will be for ages 7 to 12 years old. We will be having one session at 4pm to 5pm and another from 5:15pm to 6:15pm. This program will be a four week program meeting once a week. It will cost 25 dollars a session. This program will take place at Bob Bangert Park at the Shelter House.

Star Parties

Come join us for star gazing and learning about the constellations at Moorman Park!

June 21, 2023, 8pm- 10pm

July 12, 2023, 8pm-10pm

September 16, 2023, 7pm-9pm

October 7, 2023, 7pm-9pm


Summer Adventures (SUMMER)

The Quincy Park District’s Summer Adventures program is a seven-week program and sign-up for the week you are wanting to participate. This program is open to area children and is held at one location each week. Online Registration is required.   AGES: 5-12
(Monday through Friday): 8:30am-12:30pm

Upper Moorman Park=June 12th-June 16th

Reservoir Park= June 19th- June 23rd

South Park= June 26th- June 30th

Upper Moorman Park= July 5th- July 7th (three-day week)

Reservoir Park= July 10th- July 14th

South Park= July 17th- July 21st

Upper Moorman Park= July 24th- July 28th

Nature Program

The Quincy Park District and Mississippi Valley Hunters and Fishers Association are putting on a  Nature Program that is a free program for everyone. People are able to learn about different kinds of species in the area as well as the different kinds of plants in a wet land. There will also be certain days within the program where you could be learning about archery and how to shoot a bow.

Bob Bangert Park 

Spring Classes- April 22nd, April 29th, May 6th, & 13th

Summer Classes- June 12th- July 19th Monday & Wednesday

Fall Classes- September 16th, 23rd, 30th, & October 7th

Class Times:

  • 9am to 10am

Nature Walks Expeditions

These Nature Walks will be planned walks throughout some of our beautiful parks and trails throughout the year. You will see lots of different kinds of plants and animals throughout the walks. This is a time for you to walk and enjoy natures beauty.

February 25th- Gardner Park- 1pm

May 19th- Gardner Park- 5pm

September 15th- Gardner Park- 5pm

October 28th- Gardner Park- 1pm