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Eagle Eye Neighborhood Park Watch Program

Mission Statement

The Eagle Eye Neighborhood Park Watch Program is an effort to prevent crime and vandalism to our playground and park equipment, to alleviate suspicious activities in our parks, and to promote community involvement.

Citizen Involvement

In order for this program to be most effective, it must rely on citizen participation and support. While we do our best to keep a close watch on activities taking place in the parks, we cannot be everywhere all the time. Therefore, we are asking you (residents of our community) to help us keep an Eagle Eye on our parks.

Report any broken equipment, vandalized facilities or suspicious activities. And, please remember, DO NOT take matters into your own hands!

Please Report All Suspicious Activities

Emergencies: 911
Quincy Park District (217)223-7703
Suspicious Activities:
Quincy Police Department
Non-Emergency Number (217)222-9360

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Benefits of the Eagle Eye Program

Keep an Eagle Eye on Your Parks!

Eagle Eye Neighborhood Park Watchers are encouraged to watch for all incidents of vandalism, unruliness, and other obvious wrongful activities, including: